About us

Novacene is an all in one building information system. Property professionals and building occupiers are able to interact with their buildings, gaining insights to make decisions on the things that matter to them. Founded in 2021, Novacene is headquartered in London.

A team of engineers, coders, thinkers, problem solvers and explorers.


When planning a sustainability project, running a building occupancy study or accessing energy data for annual reporting, the devil is always in the detail. Our company exists to help our clients make the right decisions, by providing them with accurate information aggregated from multiple systems in their buildings.


We built our company to help improve how we manage and report what’s happening in buildings. But it’s unlikely we’ll ever understand our clients’ properties as well as they do. Novacene is a tool to help our clients achieve their specific goals. Whether it’s reducing CO2 or improving comfort levels in their meeting rooms, outcomes are designed by our users, for our users.


We don’t pretend to be experts in everything. We want to work with brilliant companies in different verticals, we want to integrate with more hardware and we definitely want to connect data streams to other amazing software systems. While Novacene includes fantastic insights, we’re not embarrassed to act as the middle layer, pushing and pulling data to the systems you already love.

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