Carbon Footprint

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IIoT technology drives down carbon footprint

Global climate change is one of the most critical environmental issues faced by humankind. Property investors, developers, agents and building managers are becoming increasingly aware of the essential need to consider environmental factors and their impact.

A critical challenge faced by landlords and occupiers aiming to reduce emissions and minimise operating costs is to accurately identify inefficient performance, especially in ageing buildings where retrofitting can typically take weeks or months.

The Challenge

Novacene was approached by an industrial landlord who was struggling to reduce spending on the oldest assets in its portfolio. They were also focused on reducing their vacant stock's environmental impact and on helping them meet their net-zero carbon targets.

The Solution

A few days after installation, the platform highlighted that the building's constant temperature was at least 19 degrees Celsius – the layers of data gathered revealed that the boiler and heating were working on a timer at night, set by the previous tenant. The offsite team had missed this during site visits when everything appeared to be switched off.

The platform recommended a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius in the warehouse, using outdoor weather conditions to ensuring that the sprinkler system would not freeze and that any unnecessary equipment switched off, optimising energy usage.

The landlord achieved a reduction of 60,000 KG of carbon a month and saved over 120,000 Euros on annual operating costs. A subsequent policy for vacant building temperatures across the portfolio would take these savings into the thousands of tonnes of carbon a month, with the platform paying for itself in less than four weeks.

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