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Smart technology advances health and wellbeing in industrial buildings

Smart technology advances health and wellbeing in industrial buildings

As an increasing number of companies around the world are striving for sustainability, a variety of endorsements are available to classify green standards, notably WELL certification which has become an industry standard in supporting and improving health and wellness. As the importance of interior environments becomes clearer, organisations globally are working to create healthier spaces for living and working.

According to The Human Spaces report people who work in environments with natural elements report a 15% higher level of well-being, a 6% higher level of productivity and a 15% higher level of creativity. Based on medical and scientific research on human health, behavioural factors, demographic risk and environmental health, WELL certification is designed to reward best practice in operations, management and design of working spaces that enhance employees’ wellbeing. As well as improving mental and physical health and therefore productivity, achieving WELL certification offers businesses a host of significant advantages.

Silver, Gold or Platinum WELL certification requires achievements in the following categories: Air, comfort, fitness, light, mind, nourishment and water.

Healthy and environmentally friendly working spaces can be achieved by retrofitting industrial buildings with a focus on sustainability, raising standards and ensuring their competitive advantage

The challenge

An industrial developer who wanted to be the first to offer WELL Gold accredited warehouses in Europe partnered with Novacene to exploit their smart buildings platform on behalf of potential tenants. Gold WELL certification requires a substantial ongoing obligation on the part of the tenant including monitoring the in-scope data, making that data accessible to those who work in the building and acting on the anomalies the data may highlight. It is not enough to build the property and hand it over, the infrastructure needs to be in place for the tenant to be able to sustain the certification alongside the day to day operations of their business.

The solution

The Novacene platform allows the developer to hand the property over to a tenant with a self-sustaining ecosystem, ensuring that they remain WELL certified with little effort from themselves, except to act on the automated, actionable insights the platform provides.

A cutting-edge conversation with WELL was pivotal to adapt standards originally set for commercial offices to the industrial asset class. The Novacene solution exceeds the requirement from WELL and means that the developer will be the market leader, the first to offer WELL Gold in the Industrial sector.

The results

The developer produced the first WELL Certified™️ Gold warehouse in the second quarter of 2020. As well as a market leader, with a track record of innovation, they are also able to demonstrate a customer focus that will lead to strategic partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands.

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