New energy efficiency regulations: are they enough?

Our buildings significantly contribute to climate change and operators play a big role in mitigating its impact.
Solar panels that fill the frame

New regulations introduced by governments across the globe are driving sales of energy-efficient measures, such as solar power and heat pumps, to boost energy efficiency. 

And for good reason, too. Our built environment accounts for around 27% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and plays a huge role in our climate change aims. 

Small steps, big changes

Before you make the leap, however, it’s worth remembering that the simplest tools and small steps often deliver the most powerful results.

Just like swapping from incandescent bulbs to LED offers huge savings, something as simple as adding occupancy sensors for lighting and heating controls can transform a building’s performance by:  


  • slashing energy consumption
  • minimising CO2 emissions 
  • generating significant savings 
  • reducing reliance on energy imports

Small steps like these may not be as exciting as blue-sky solutions like carbon capture. Their capabilities, however, together with their almost instant availability, make them more important than ever before with recent government measures.


In Europe, for example, new regulations demand every building be net zero (in terms of emissions) by 2030. Alongside this, every EU nation has committed to reducing its energy demand by 11% (over current levels) by 2030.

That may seem a tall order but it is possible and more affordable than you would think. Just as Elefante suggested that ‘the greenest building is the building that’s already built’, often it can be the most cost-effective one, too. 

Tackle energy waste

Reducing energy waste in our buildings can be achieved quickly via the latest sensor technology. These solutions allow you to measure and monitor your building’s performance so you can identify areas of improvement (even on a room-by-room basis) - allowing you to reduce consumption.  

Invest in energy-efficient appliances

Using the savings generated, operators have the means necessary to invest in the appliances necessary, such as energy-efficient boilers, to meet their net-zero aims.  This enables building operators to capitalise on the government payouts available for green investments. 

Move away from fossil fuels

With consumption reducing and savings increasing, commercial and public sector buildings can make the next crucial step: stopping fossil fuels altogether.  

Solar panels are the obvious choice for these large facilities and it’s important to remember they can do more than achieve your net zero goals. 


Imagine a future where surplus energy creates new revenue streams for your organisation or can even be used to strengthen a community’s energy resilience.  

The possibilities are endless. Reach out to discover how we can help you on that journey.

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