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About Novacene
What is Novacene?

Novacene is an IoT SaaS firm that digitises buildings to optimise energy usage and overall performance. Using cutting-edge technologies, we transform building data into actionable insights, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. 

How does Novacene work?

Novacene uses IoT sensors and smart software to monitor and analyse a building's energy consumption. We then provide insights and recommendations to reduce energy waste and lower carbon emissions, ultimately aiding in the transition to net-zero buildings. 

What types of buildings can use Novacene?

Novacene is suitable for any type of building – schools, libraries, universities, palaces, offices, factories, and more. Our goal is to improve the energy efficiency of all buildings, regardless of their current status or function. 

How can Novacene help a building achieve net-zero emissions? 

Through the use of IoT sensors and AI-driven analytics, Novacene identifies areas of energy wastage and provides recommendations to reduce consumption. By optimising energy use and suggesting sustainable alternatives, we assist buildings in achieving net-zero emissions. 

What's next for Novacene? 

Novacene's roadmap includes developing additional features for our context engine to automate building control based on real-time data. This includes factors such as weather, energy costs, and room usage, creating a truly smart and responsive building management system.

Working with Nocavene
What is the Novacene pricing model? 

Novacene's pricing is based on digitisation size (small, medium, large), the hardware required, the software licences, and the installation process. We aim to keep our solutions affordable, offering a fraction of the cost compared to traditional Building Management Systems (BMS). 

What kind of support does Novacene offer? 

Novacene provides comprehensive support to its customers, including technical assistance, installation guidance, and regular updates on building performance. Our team is always available to address any queries or issues. 

What services does Novacene IoT provide? 

Novacene IoT provides a wide range of services, including IoT device management, data analytics, network management, and security for LoRaWAN devices. 

How can I get started with Novacene? 

Getting started with Novacene is simple. Contact our team for a consultation, and we will guide you through the process, from installation to interpreting the data and recommendations. 

What industries can benefit from Novacene IoT services? 

Novacene IoT services can benefit a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, healthcare, smart cities, and more. Any industry that can benefit from IoT devices for data collection, monitoring, and automation can potentially leverage our services. 

How can I integrate Novacene IoT services with my existing infrastructure? 

Novacene IoT provides APIs and expert assistance for integrating our services into your existing infrastructure. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.

What is the pricing model for Novacene IoT? 

Novacene IoT operates on a SaaS model, with subscription pricing that depends on the number of devices and the level of service required. Please contact our sales team for specific pricing information. 

Technology, data and security
What is Novacene IoT?

Novacene IoT is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) company specialising in implementing and managing IoT devices using LoRaWAN technology. 

How does Novacene protect data sovereignty?

Novacene hosts its services on AWS, which offers extensive data protection capabilities. We ensure that data remains within the jurisdiction required by the customer, meeting the necessary compliance and regulatory requirements. 

What is the technology stack used by Novacene? 

Our tech stack includes Nginx, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React, and Mapbox, all hosted on AWS. We also use Django for our own IoT core, which forms the backbone of our context engine. 

What is LoRaWAN? 

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It's a protocol designed for wireless battery-operated devices in a regional, national or global network. LoRaWAN offers features that are very useful for IoT, such as low-power usage and long-range connectivity. 

How secure is the data transmission with Novacene IoT services?

Novacene IoT takes data security very seriously. Data transmitted via our LoRaWAN devices is encrypted using advanced security protocols. Moreover, our platform has built-in security features to prevent unauthorised access and ensure data integrity.

How does Novacene IoT handle device management? 

Novacene IoT provides a comprehensive device management dashboard. This allows users to easily monitor, manage, and update their IoT devices remotely, ensuring optimal performance and security. 

How reliable is the LoRaWAN network used by Novacene IoT? 

LoRaWAN networks are known for their reliability and long range, making them ideal for IoT applications. Novacene IoT uses high-quality LoRaWAN devices and network management practices to ensure the best possible uptime and reliability. 

What support does Novacene IoT provide to its customers? 

Novacene IoT offers robust customer support, including troubleshooting, technical assistance, and regular updates. We are committed to ensuring our customers' success and satisfaction with our services.

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