Smart Sustainable Building Management Initiative

The world is at a critical juncture when it comes to combating climate change. As the need to reduce carbon consumption becomes increasingly urgent, innovative solutions are crucial in achieving sustainability goals.

Innovating Sustainable Building Management

For the past two years, Novacene has revolutionised the management of educational, public, and heritage buildings through the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, and SaaS. Our mission is to enhance building efficiency, health, and energy conservation by transforming traditional structures into eco-friendly, intelligent systems.

Challenges in Retrofitting

Conventional retrofitting often struggles with inefficiencies due to outdated methods that lack real-time data. Novacene addresses this gap with sophisticated IoT solutions that provide immediate Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings for both entire buildings and individual rooms, leading to more precise and effective energy-saving strategies.

Innovative Smart Building Management

Utilising AI and IoT, Novacene optimises energy usage and improves building operations. Our systems perform real-time analysis, significantly reducing energy waste and emissions by deploying energy only where and when needed. For example, our analysis of thousands of rooms has revealed energy wastage in unoccupied spaces; by addressing this, we have achieved up to a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

Digital Twin Technology: Enhancing Building Management

Novacene employs Digital Twin technology to create accurate virtual models of physical buildings. This approach enables detailed retrofitting assessments and substantial improvements in energy efficiency by allowing precise categorisation and analysis of different spaces, such as classrooms.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Recognising the varied needs of different sectors, Novacene provides custom solutions that enhance property value and occupant health. Our innovations in cost-effective, long-lasting IoT sensors, combined with AI, address major challenges like climate change and air quality.

Join Our Sustainable Building Initiative

We invite retrofit coordinators, housing associations, and property owners to join our Sustainable Building Initiative as early participants. Early adopters will receive complimentary access to our advanced tools and sensors, demonstrating how Novacene can streamline the energy performance certification process. This initiative offers a unique opportunity to influence the development of our solutions, tailored to the growing market of sustainable building management in the UK.

Strategic Partnerships and Impact

Through strategic partnerships with Retrofit Coordinators and Housing Associations, Novacene aims to deploy a straightforward, plug-and-play sensor system that monitors and calculates real-time EPC scores. Using Digital Twin technology, this system continually integrates contextual data to improve accuracy, aiding in the assessment of properties before, during, and after enhancements are made. These measures not only increase property values but also reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Funding Opportunities: ECO4 and PAS 2035

Aligned with the UK's sustainability objectives, Novacene's solutions facilitate improvements in EPC ratings, qualifying properties for the ECO4 scheme and ensuring compliance with PAS 2035 standards for retrofit funding. By monitoring and evidencing improvements, Novacene simplifies the ECO4 application process, and our Trustmark approval accelerates access to essential funding.

To learn more about how you can participate in this transformative initiative and significantly impact your properties, please visit our website or contact us at Join us in forging a sustainable future.

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